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Florida Dems to Dean, Back off

Sounding infuriated, members of Florida's Democratic congressional delegation are firing off a letter to national party chair Howard Dean, accusing the DNC of being "poised to assault" Floridians' right to cast their ballots.

And they're threatening a voting rights probe should the DNC sanction the state.

At issue is the likelihood that the national party Saturday will vote to punish the state for leapfrogging its presidential primary to Jan. 29.

The members of the delegation, who have met privately with Dean in an effort to fend off a clash, say in the letter it was their "understanding the Democratic National Committee intended to satisfactorily resolve any potential rules problems arising from the decision by several states to move up their 2008 primary dates.

"Yet it was reported just today the DNC still appears poised to assault this basic right," says the letter signed by Sen. Bill Nelson, along with Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Alcee Hastings, Kathy Castor and Kendrick Meek.

"If true - and if the DNC strips Florida of all or some of its delegates to the national convention - we would ask the appropriate legal officials to determine whether this could violate any state or federal laws governing and protecting individual voting rights."

Furthermore, the letter says the delegation will recommend that Florida Democrats "send the party's entire delegation to the national convention in Denver next year anyway."

The committee, seeking to bring order to an unruly presidential primary season, has suggested it will punish the state by taking away half of its delegates to the 2008 convention, weakening Florida's clout in the presidential primary.

The letter suggests an "easy compromise" has been discussed: states with governors or others empowered to do so could move their primaries up seven days from when they were originally planned.


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Just fair

What? The DNC is going to disenfranchise Florida Democratic votes? Say it isn't so!

R Mills

How many times does someone have to tell you it is not DEAN, it is the DNC rules committee
which is about 80 members of the DNC
Dean is the chair of the Democratic National Committee, not the RULES committee


I am a Florida Republican.. we have already decided to stand with our Brothers and Sisters.. blood first, politics Second.. even if it's a vote against us.. it's their RIGHT to cast it, there is no higher a political call, than ensuring the sanctity of the process.

Their has been a miscalculation by the DNC.. Floridians stick together first in a crisis, we go back to fighting after the smoke clears.

maybe this sint true in Miami.. but it is in other places around the state.. don't mess with a few of us, because you will get all of us. The DNC may have bitten off a lot more than they chew

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