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Florida Republicans join calls for Craig to resign

"For the sake of the institution, his family, and his Idaho constituents, Larry Craig should step down from the United States Senate," says Spring Hill Republican Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite, who along with Pensacola Rep. Jeff Miller, are joining a number of their fellow GOP'ers in asking the Idaho Republican to call it quits.

Craig's support among his fellow GOP'ers slipped Wednesday, two days after news reports surfaced that he pled guilty to charges stemming from an incident in an airport men's room.

Could Craig's loss of influence affect efforts to weaken the U.S. embargo against Cuba? See earlier posts and read more about the Craig controversy - including MSNBC host Tucker Carlson's role - on our fellow blog, Gay South Florida.


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The Republican Party is in the TOILET!!!


And why aren't they asking for the resignation of state Rep. Bob Allen???


Why aren't they calling on Senator Vitter to resign? After all, he did admit to having paid for sex with DC area prostitutes! Also, I'm sure that if Larry Craig had attempted to have sexual relations with a female in a public place, it wouldn't be an issue.

It is sad that Jeff Miller and Ginny Brown-Waite seem to think that paying for sex with prostitutes is conduct any more becoming of a U.S. Senator than Larry Craig tapping his foot on the floor in a men's room.

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