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House intrigue: Rivera sought blogger mole

As nearly every state politician was thinking about property taxes during the recent special legislative session, House Rules Chairman David Rivera on the morning of June 12 was wondering: Who's the snitch?

The Miami Republican had just seen an anonymous comment posted on the St. Pete Times blog that suggested an insider was ready to spill secrets about a deal that Rep. Marco Rubio had struck with Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp about three years ago when they ran for House Speaker. Under the agreement, Rubio became House Speaker and Kottkamp was to be a near-equal as House Republican leader.

But the dominoes tumbled, and Kottkamp became Charlie Crist's number one. Haines City Rep. Marty Bowen became GOP leader and then speaker pro tem after Ocala Rep. Dennis Baxley lost a Senate race. So Delray Beach Rep. Adam Hasner became leader, the Times blogged about that, and then came this comment at 9:55 a.m:

Rubio/Rivera made the Majority Leader position a farce. Marty couldn't even hold a news conference unless they allowed her to. It started off that they were trying to screw Kottkamp from the deal they made in the speakers race when he was supposed to be Majority Leader. They were going to give it to him in name only, which it contrary to the deal they made. Just goes to show... you can't make a deal with the devil.

At 10:21 a.m., according to a recently obtained email, Rivera cut and pasted the comment and sent it to Rubio with this headline: Any suspects on this blog entry? Rubio didn't appear to respond.

Rivera, denying any plans to double-deal Kottkamp, said he was surprised that 1) the media had access to the email, 2) that he'd be called about it and 3) that someone he thought was in a position of trust wasn't so trustworthy.

"Only somebody who was close to all this knew about it," Rivera said, also noting that anonymous postings on newspaper websites are often angry cheap-shot forums.

True, but seems we all read the eGraffiti anyway.


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Was this comment sent by Rivera on a state e-mail account? If so, how could he be stupid enough to do that, AND not to think it'd be a public record?

If not, how did an e-mail sent on a personal account become public?

Hey Rivera, you may be suprised at a few things, but we aren't suprised at your and Rubio's double dealing. Total scum. By the way... You didn't bother to explain why you planned to screw Kottkamp. So it is OK to double cross your fellow elected official, of your own party, but it's not ok to break your and Rubio's trust? Can you say "hypocrit???"

PS... This isn't nearly as secret as you thought.

Cynical Idealist

Those calling Rep. Rivera and the Speaker names need to get off their high horses. This is politics, you help your friends and try to screw your enemies. Anyone who thought the, now, LG had a chance to be Speaker is either from SW Florida, uninvolved in the process, or not playing with a full deck. Whatever the case, it's over, deal with it...and watch your back.

yes this is politics. but...

egos + rookie status = stupid moves

GOP Girl

While I won't pretend to believe that ANY politician is trustworthy, I can't say that I would've been disappointed if Kottkamp would've stayed in the legislature and yielded no power. The fact that we have a TRIAL LAWYER for an LG is not comforting. Furthermore, the fact that Crist pretended to be a conservative while courting the biz community and then stabbed us in the back with his LG pick just shows that NONE of the players in our government can be trusted.

Ask Bogdanoff..

This is why people lose faith in our politicians. What a shame.

So, what's cookin' Doc?

Chuckle Nuhtz

What do you expect. These folks from Miami lull these north of the border repubs in with the idealogical chitter chatter and then stick it to them in the end.

When will they learn.

Maybe he needs to ask his current sleeping mate/staffer.


Chat Sohbet

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