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Kendrick Meek: From Iraq to C-Span

Miami Democrat Rep. Kendrick Meek and two colleagues have returned from a trip to Iraq and plan to brief reporters about the trip today at the U.S. Capitol.

C-Span plans on running the presser live at 10 a.m. The New York Times reported this week that about 50 lawmakers have visited the war torn country over the August recess and their experiences are shaping the debate over the war.

It'll heat up next week when Congress returns to work, amid word of a congressional report that found the Iraqi government has failed to meet the majority of political and military goals laid out by U.S. lawmakers to assess progress.

It was Meek's third trip to the region.


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I guess Carrie Meek is looking for some consulting work in Iraq.

Washington Observer

Robert Wexler," Mr.Junket himself" the most traveled democrat in congress somehow misses traveling to Iraq or Afghanistan. Instead China, Bavaria, Paris are his trouble spots and the shopping is better as well. LOL.

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