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Kucinich takes swipe at DNC, Bush

Democratic prez candidate Dennis Kucinich added his voice to the chorus of politicians and political activists who don't understand why Democratic National Committee chief Howard Dean is making good on a rule to cancel Florida's party delegates if the state holds its primary early, on Jan. 29.

"Doesn’t the DNC owe something to Florida?” said Kucinich, an Ohio Congressman. “What Florida went through in the 2000 election was a disgrace. And the DNC owes it to Florida to find a way for Florida to achieve a prominent position in this election season.”

Kucinich's presence alone underscores the fact that Florida will be relevant anyway. Though far down in the polls -- which he rightly dismissed as name-recognition surveys -- Kucinich said he plans to campaign in Florida and suggested the state hold a caucus, something that Floridians will likely not understand nor pay for.

Still, Kucinich said, this primary could go down to the wire and, for the first time in decades, be decided not be plebiscite but by party delegates.

In a recent Time editorial, state Senate Democratic leader Steve Geller questioned whether Dean worked for the Republican party. Also, political pollster/pundit Matt Towery also wondered why the DNC was estranging Florida.

Kucinich spent more of his time in his Tallahassee press conference with reporters touting his solid antiwar record, his plans for a universal nonprofit healthcare system and his proposals to wean the nation off the use of fossil fuels.

He brushed off concerns that withdrawing from Iraq would prompt a genocide, suggesting the U.S. under President Bush was responsible for a 1 million Iraqi deaths, a number he acknowledged was an estimate.