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Larry Craig and Cuba

Could the disclosure of Idaho Sen. Larry Craig's arrest in an airport bathroom affect efforts to lift the embargo against Cuba?

Craig is, after all, one of the Senate's leading Republican advocates for relaxing the embargo, calling it a "failed policy." He's also co-sponsored a bill that would permit U.S. companies to look for oil in Cuba - some 45 miles off the Florida coastline.

The arrest, the guilty plea and 11 weeks of silence about it all have political observers suggesting that his political clout has been seriously compromised - if not destroyed.

Craig Tuesday declared he's done nothing wrong, isn't gay and still has plenty of legislating left to do for his Idaho constituents.

UPDATE: Craig late Wednesday agreed to give up his leading Republican spot on his committees, including the energy and national resources subcommittee on public lands and forests - which would handle the drilling legislation. That move came as Craig's fellow senators, GOP prez contender John McCain and Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman - facing a tough reelection challenge - suggested Craig should resign.


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Cynical Idealist

Maybe he and Rep. Bob Allen can share a bathroom in the airport on the way to Havana...

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