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Poll: Dem voters displeased with DNC's vote rules, think it hurts Hillary

A new InsiderAdvantage poll of 500 Florida Democratic voters shows that 53 percent disapprove of the Democratic National Committee's plans to award no delegates to a nominee who wins Florida's Jan. 29 primary because its early date violates DNC rules. Those who approve: 34 percent.

Also, 34 percent say the loss of the delegates would hurt Hillary Clinton the most, 20 percent say Barack Obama and 13 percent say John Edwards.

Another tidbit: When asked if what party ticket they plan to vote on, 22 percent said they would consider voting Republican. Though the voters weren't told whether they would have to switch parties to do that, pollster Matt Towery said the numbers are valid in this regard: It shows Democratic voters are less inclined to be Democratic voters.

"The Democrats are probably going to carry Florida," Towery said. "But what doesn't make sense to people is that the DNC, in trying to enforce these rules, is toying with one of the three critical states they have to win. If Hillary Clinton is the nominee and Rudy Giuliani doesn't make it on the Republican side, she carries New York, she carries California and that makes Florida a determining state. Why would you alienate any Democrat in this state?''