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Rubio calls Allen remarks "disturbing"

House Speaker Marco Rubio has just released a statement calling Rep. Bob Allen's comments about his arrest "disturbing." In audio tapes released late last week, Allen explained his arrest for solicitation by noting the undercover police officer in the park bathroom was a "stocky black guy" and he didn't want to become a "statistic." Allen was arrested after allegedly offering $20 to the cop in exchange for allowing Allen to perform oral sex on him.

Rubio said: "The recent release of Representative Bob Allen’s post-arrest statements injects a new and very disturbing element to an already troubling incident. The Florida House of Representatives will continue to gather all pertinent information. We will reserve action on this matter until all the facts are made available to us.”

Previously Rubio had declined to get involved because he didn't have the type of first hand evidence that he had with former Rep. Ralph Arza, who left a threatening and expletive-laced voice mail message on the cellphone of a colleague who had filed a complaint against him. Rubio, after listening to the message, spoke against Arza.

The nationally televised release of Allen's racially-charged recorded statements may have helped lead to Rubio's decision to finally comment.


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Does Bob Allen think anyone is buying this?

Marco, you should take action. Look at the facts and make an executive decision!

What was he doing peeping over the stall and hanging out in this park looking like a derlict?

Who peeps over the stall unless they want to initiate some kind of sexual activity?

I don't think he needed toilet paper.

Look at the police report.
He had condoms in his pocket, his wedding ring removed, etc.

Marco, give your colleagues a break and at least suspend him.

You did it to Ralph for his racial comments that were simply a part of his normal vocabulary. This is much more serious. you can get him out of there so that your house members can focus on their important business.

We are again the laughing stalk of the country.

And now this new incident the Young Republican Leader, Murphy, sucking a sleeping member.

When will it stop? Greer, Help out here!!!

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