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What in the world is Howard Dean thinking?

That's the first sentence of a Time magazine column that raises tough questions about the Democratic National Committee chairman's hardline stance against Florida's Jan. 29 primary. Read it here.

A more sympathetic analysis of Dean's position by Real Clear Politics is here.


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Geller hits the nail on the head in the Time article when he asks what party is Dean working for? Amen brother, amen.

Mark Alan Siegel

This is so completely wrong. Rules are rules and should be followed. If the GOP legislators want to fight with their party so be it.

Another course is available to the Florida Party, one which will benefit everyone, particularly Florida's democrats.

Follow the Ausman Plan:
1. Make the January 29th legally the beauty contest it will be because of the DNC's actions. Floridians will get all the "attention", flattery, and influence if the media driven idea of a nominee by Valentines Day prevails.
2. Allocate the delegates among the remaining Candidates and select them by caucus after the date for GAINING delegates under the DNC rules.

The result: the same influence over the race to be the nominee (PR Value of the results) plus more seats at the Convention.

This is not the time for primate bullying tactics and general "says who" behavior. There is a clear, published path to all the TV influence the GOP created and a larger delegation to Denver. Its time to control the testosterone and pick the path that actually is better.

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