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Crist brings newsy date to temple services

Gov. Charlie Crist arrived with a surprise companion as he attended Yom Kippur services on Friday evening at Temple Beth Sholom, as a guest of Miami Beach state Rep. Dan Gelber. At the governor's side was CBS-4 reporter Jennifer Santiago.


Santiago's website links to her Wikipedia entry which notes that she's an award-winning journalist, a graduate of Villanova University law school, and a former Playboy model. At the time of her Playboy pictorials, such as Voluptuous Vixens and 1998 Nudes, she used the name Jennifer Klarman. She also speaks Hebrew.

The governor told the Herald his visit to the reform congregation in Miami Beach on the holiest day of the Jewish year would be the first time he's attended services on the Jewish Day of Atonement.

Update Thursday, Sept. 27: Santiago says it was not a "date." Santiago called The Herald to complain about the use of the word in the original headline on this blog item, saying the word "date'' implies intimacy.

"I am not dating the governor," she said. She said she is engaged to someone else. Her meeting with the governor on Friday "was celebrating a personal victory," she said.

Santiago said that she and the governor are friends and he invited her to temple after they had spoken about the decision by the governor and clemency board on Thursday to pardon Richard Paey, an accident victim with chronic pain convicted on drug trafficking charges. She had reported extensively on Paey's conviction and "gave the story to the governor," she said.   


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How nice. He brings a former playboy bunny to synagogue on the holiest day of the year for atonement. Nice... Respectful...


From her blog on Crist and the Paey pardon: "The Governor showed Florida today he is a compassionate, moral man."

Like half the women at that temple should be throwing stones.

Ms Santiago is a lovely woman. Crist is a good governor. The best Democrat the republicans ever elected. You people are so full of hate and ready to knock everyone. You could all use a bit of atonement.

Why does she have a wikipedia entry? I guess she wrote it herself.

reader rabbit

As an owner of the Playboy special issue featuring Ms. Santiago, I assure you she is a lady of awe-inspiring talents. The fact that she is a lawyer and journalist only increases my amazement.

silence dogood

Gelber, you let Crist perpetuate the straight myth at your temple???

here's a smaple of her writing from her blog. i spit out my prune juice....

I can barely keep my eyes open.

My body gently rocks back and forth—cradled like an infant in a colorful, cotton hammock. I hear only the sounds of the Caribbean Sea lightly licking the wooden beams supporting my lime-green two-story cabin. Through drooping eyelids I watch the setting- sun’s golden reflection undulate over a tranquil sea. Fish of all colors, sizes and shapes swim beneath me waiting for the morsels of bread we tossed off the deck of our vacation home just a few minutes before settling into our hammocks.

mike mirra

Republicans think Clinton is the only Stud
in Politics?
This guy has been linked to the HOTTEST
MOM alive, a Playboy playmate & he had
woman claim he is the father of her kid
from about 10 years ago.
Republicans get ready to do damage
contol up the road.


Jennifer is multi-talented, a clear cut-above the usual "Deco Drive" fodder that passes for glam in South Florida. She is way too much woman for most of the cats prowling these threads. That Crist found his way to the "holiest of holies" shouldn't surprise anyone; it wasn't Jen on his arm, it was him on hers. Sabe???

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