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Judge: Tax-vote ballot is "misleading,'' struck from ballot

Leon Circuit Judge Charles Francis just threw out the Legislature's property-tax vote ballot initiative, saying "the summary is just not correct. In fact, it is misleading."

The reason: The Legislature said the proposed amendment would "revise" Save Our Homes, the popular tax-assessment limitation. But in fact, it phases it out.

The Legislature is sure to appeal, though it has time at the upcoming special session Oct. 3 to fix the language in time for the Jan. 29 vote.

The ruling in the suit, brought by Weston Mayor Eric Hersh acting in his private capacity as a taxpayer, skirted whether the Legislature had the right to schedule the vote Jan. 29 and said it did have the right to enforce a system of tax-cuts in legislation it passed this June.

Said Hersh's lawyer, Jamie Cole: "This preserves people's right to vote.

Download ruling.pdf

Update: House Speaker Marco Rubio and Senate President Ken Pruitt sent out separate statements that said... basically nothing. Pruitt said the "good news'' was that part of the tax plan was upheld. Rubio, that "one way or another" people will get "tax relief."


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GOP Girl

Maybe they'll re-write the initiative in a way that actually makes sense to the average voter.

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