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Thurman says "make it count" on Jan. 29th

In advance of a 3 p.m. press conference today in Broward County, Florida Democratic Party chairwoman Karen Thurman has e-mailed Democrats and told them that party leaders have chosen "overwhelmingly to reaffirm our strong commitment to fully participating in the state-run Democratic presidential primary."

The move comes even though the Democratic National Committee has voted to take away all of the state's 210 delegates to the national convention and the four early states have gotten presidential candidates to agree to forgo campaigning in Florida.

"There will be no other primary. Florida Democrats absolutely must vote on January 29th. We make this election matter. Not the DNC, not the delegates, not the candidates but Florida Democrats like you and me voting together. We make it count.

"Don't let anybody call this vote a 'beauty contest,' or 'straw poll.' On January 29th, 2008, there will be a fair and open election in Florida, which will provide for maximum voter participation. The nation will be paying attention, and Florida Democrats will have a major impact in determining who the next President of the United States of America will be,'' continued Thurman, who noted that voters will also be voting on the property tax constitutional amendment.

Thurman also said the party has set up a website that will answer questions about the primary. There will even be bumper stickers available for Dems to remind other Democrats to "Make it Count."


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Ron M.

Under Thurman there will be no delegates, no presidential candidates, no campaign ads, no GOTV but all the votes will be counted (which they would have been anyway). I guess Al Cardenas got his monies worth from the contract.

David McKnight

In the 1970s, when I walked my state of North Carolina for a U.S. Senate primary campaign and became one of many Southern candidates to emulate the example of Sen. and later Gov. Lawton Chiles, I learned pretty quick that Florida was "big stuff" in the Democratic Party--and not only in the South.

So up here in the Carolinians we have heard the chatter from the higher echelons of the national Democratic Party about Florida's wishes concerning the January 29 presidential primary, but we still can't quite understand why they won't accede to the wishes of folks in the Sunshine State.

Maybe if Florida Democrats will take an extra walk around the block on the 29th of Janaury in protest of the situation, somebody in the big Democratic tents in Washington and New York will wake up and taste the orange juice.

David McKnight


Sorry: in my post above make that read:

"So up here in the Carolinas..."

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