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Crist: I'll back citizens tax-cut petition, too

Gov. Charlie Crist held another presser for the Jan. 29 vote on property-tax cuts at a citizen's home -- this time at the Kendall house of Stephanie Fay, a mother of two and teacher of government economics at Coral Gables High.

True to her field of expertise, Fay said the tax-cut package wasn't enough and that she'd back a citizens' petition drive to cut more taxes.

"So will I," Crist chimed

House Speaker Marco Rubio, whose office yesterday said he had a potential scheduling conflict, didn't show. He also didn't stand by Crist's side after the tax-cut package was passed by the Legislature.


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Statement from the Governor:
I back anything that will make me look good in the polls.
Tell me what you like - hey where is Stan?


The Miami Herald SABOTAGED the $195,000 SUPER EXEMPTION with LIES and DISTORTIONS because it cut taxes by $4200 a year and would help the real estate market recover! The distortions by Miami Herald reporters included:

1. The SUPER EXEMPTION ended SOH. NOT TRUE...all current homeowners could keep SOH FOREVER under the Super Exemption.

2. The SUPER EXEMPTION only cut $88 from your tax bill. NOT TRUE...The $195,000 SUPER EXEMPTION cut a staggering $4,200 a year in tax.

3. Your taxes would skyrocket under the SUPER EXEMPTION. NOT TRUE...the tax calculator used by The Herald, Palm Beach Post and Sun-Sentinel used a unrealistic 7-10% annual appreciation factor, given the market, a realistic 3% factor would give homeowners a 30 year tax reduction before taxes increased a penny.

4. There is no cap under the SUPER EXEMPTION. NOT TRUE...local government spending WAS CAPPED at 2-3% annual increases under the Super Exemption.

Now The Herald is SHILLING for this WORTHLESS tax plan that DOESN'T CUT TAXES because the news media wants homeowners to continue paying for all the FREELOADERS and DEADBEATS in Florida!

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