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Crist phoning members as House beats its chest

As the House of Representatives positions itself to reject the Senate's tax plan, and therefore scuttle a tax-cut plan for voters Jan. 29, Gov. Charlie Crist is dialing furiously.

"Vote this out. Just get it done, buddy," he's purportedly telling legislators. He's reminding them they c an come back and cut more in spring and that they should remember: This is for the people. Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp is working legislators as well.

Crist has repeatedly phoned House Speaker Marco Rubio and his likely successor, Rep. Ray Sansom, who has vacillated on whether or not to vote for the plan.

If there were any question about the Senate coming back, a staffer just made it clear that it won't happen. He just removed Senate President Ken Pruitt's gavel from his podium.


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Big Daddy

This Republican Legislature needs to send a message to Charlie Crist that they expect more from him.
They can do that by handing him his first significant defeat, by voting down a feel-good reform-light proposal that does next to nothing to help the people who have been hit hardest by property tax increases.
The headline tomorrow needs to be "Crist handed defeat ... House says Senate package didn't provide fair relief."

Thank you, Carlos, aka Big Daddy.

Please show some strength Marco !

GOP Girl

Ditto your comments Big Daddy. It is ridiculous that the RINO led Senate is holding the House hostage with this completely inadequate reform. Let the House go home and blame the Senate for the failure to pass anything meaningful. Once again, the Senate refuses to serve its constituency.

House just concurred.

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