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Gov to announce session for prop taxes, PIP

Gov. Charlie Crist just told reporters that he will have an announcement at 12:30 today relating to property taxes and no-fault auto insurance, or PIP. Herald sources tell us it will be a second special session, after lawmakers complete their required budget session this week.


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Whose off the reservation now? Hey LAwson, if cutting taxes makes you immature, I hope we elect more immature lawmakers


Another Special Session? What everyone fails to understand is the chaos which will be created when PIP expires at midnight tonight and will not be revived, as everyone, except the greedy profit driven insurance companies, agrees it should be for at least another week or more.

Charlie - add it to the existing Special Session. Get a grip on your own party and demand that all Republicans do what is right and extend PIP.

Citizen Dave

Contemplating -- is that all you do -- post on Blogs? Noticed the same exact comments elsewhere. Seems as though you really have an agenda instead of being a concerned citizen.


Although it is not perfect timing, at least the Gov. woke up this morning and realized that this State was heading to possible chaos in the auto insurance world. We need PIP and need it re-enacted yesterday!! Hooray Gov. Crist. Now lets get a favorable, pro-consumer bill passed.


Need PIP, cheap and the big insurance do not want it, the same onces that have raised my homeower's insurance by 500%. Screw them, if they want it to go away definetely consumer friendly.


I am so tired of the internal Republican Party bikering... its like watching kids fighting in a sandbox. These guys really don't deserve to be in the majority... good thing they gerrymandered their districts to protect them against the will of the majority.

David Warren

"a second special session, after lawmakers complete their required budget session" to get richer...

David Warren

"a second special session, after lawmakers complete their required budget session", to get richer in these tougher times.

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