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Is the House planning to vote down prop tax plan?

The great mystery this afternoon remains: Will the House vote down the Senate property tax plan and scuttle all chance for a property tax amendment being on the Jan. 29th ballot?

If you were judging by the rhetoric, the answer would be yes. Member after member, Democratic and Republican, have gotten up and questioned the plan fashioned by the Senate: It's unconstitutional, it doesn't provide enough savings, it provides the wrong kind of savings etc.

But then again House Republican leaders have appeared fairly relaxed this afternoon. Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp spent nearly an hour on the House floor, going around and shaking hands and back-slapping many GOP legislators. It's only been in the last few minutes that Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff, the House Majority Whip, has been walking around with what appears to be a member sheet and possibly counting votes.

Now of course there's two votes pending--a vote to concur, or not concur with the Senate amendment that contains the Senate plan. If House members choose to concur with the Senate amendment then they have to take a final vote to place the property tax amendment on the ballot.


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I hear they are going to vote it down, there will be motion to reconsider, and they will then approve it.


is that vote sheet a public record?


eb - Yes

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