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"Marco's off the reservation," yet another special session, etc.

When House Speaker Marco Rubio asked for Gov. Charlie Crist's help to make an apparent end-run around Senate President Ken Pruitt by forcing the Legislature to take up the property-tax amendment, state senators kept their weariness in check.

But, considering Rubio has talked about upping the ante on the tax-cut savings/cost, the senators from both parties said they're finding the West Miami lawmaker's style puzzling to say the least.

''Marco is off the reservation with his `You ain't seen nothin' yet' talk, said Rockledge Republican Bill Posey, who negotiated the no-fault auto insurance package that also won't be taken up. "The Senate doesn't want to do much more in cuts than what it already agreed to, and now he's talking more? What does he expect to happen?''

Said soon-to-be Democratic leader Al Lawson of Tallahassee: "This is the effect of term limits. There's a maturity issue here."

Meantime, though, negotiators with the House, Senate and governor's office say they're discussing (who knows what that will yield) whether to have yet another special session before Oct. 31, the deadline to get the property tax vote on the Jan. 29 ballot.

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Caputo you are such a petty reporter.

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