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More love from the governor

Gov. Charlie Crist is hitting the road today to tout the property tax plan and he plans to make appearances in Jacksonville, Orlando and Port St. Lucie, the home of Senate President Ken Pruitt.

During a morning press conference in Tallahassee, Crist spent more time lavishing praise on Pruitt, House Speaker Marco Rubio, Senate Majority Leader Dan Webster, Rep. Dean Cannon and Senate Democratic Leader Steve Geller. He called Pruitt the "greatest Senate president" in the history of Florida and Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp the "greatest lieutenant governor" in history.

Crist promised to campaign "like the dickens" to pass the constitutional amendment that will be on the Jan. 29th ballot and that he will "plead" with the Florida Education Association to rethink their planned opposition to the amendment.

"I have every confidence the people will pass this,'' said Crist. "The people want this."

The governor's office also tried to brush aside concerns that the Senate plan could lead to another legal challenge to Save Our Homes. "Lawyers are back" in the governor's office, Crist said, pointing out that he is a lawyer and chief of staff George LeMieux is a lawyer.


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"I have every confidence the people will pass this,'' said Crist. "The people want this."

I am going to vomit.

Ima Fedup

They may as well have waited until tomorrow, then we really could have had a "Trick or Treat". Its too little too late and it certainly ain't a rock ....

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