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Rubio tells members he's disappointed in the Senate

During breakfast in the House members' lounge, House Speaker Marco Rubio repeatedly expressed his disappointment and dissatisfaction with the bill and the way the property tax amendment process has been handled by the Senate, said Rep. Janet Long, a Clearwater Democrat who was about six members there. "He said this is disturbing trying to make public policy this way," she said. 

Later, after opening the Monday session of the House, Rubio said: "It's a difficult decision. Every option
before us has consequences that are less than ideal. That's where we are."

He told members that every piece of information they have received from the
Senate, they have sent to members. "If that's not enough when it comes time to vote for
the bill, we understand," he said.


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Bob from FPL

"we understand" == feel free to dump the plan, I'm backing a Citizens Initiative.

good ole Marco Byrd....oops, freudian slip. Just haven't seent this kind of "my way or the highway" attitude since the Speaker from Plant City.

If Marco hadn't lied, we'd already have a better plan

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