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Shak for Sheriff?

The website for Shahrukh "Shak'' Dhanji, a Florida Human Rights Commissioner and potential Broward sheriff's candidate, is www.shakforsheriff.com, but he insists the address isn't a play on the Miami Heat star with an interest in law enforcement.

Dhanji said he was known as "Shak'' before Shaquille O'Neal was known as "Shaq."

"It's a nickname that has been used from time to time,"  said Dhanji. "I think I am older than he is."

Dhanji said his website was set up by a friend when he was seeking the appointed sheriff's position and that he'll take it down until he decides by Monday whether to run for the job in 2008. Gov. Charlie Crist appointed Al Lamberti to the job on Friday, with a term expiring next November.

O'Neal has said in the past that he's interested in working as a sheriff or undercover police officer in the future -- although he hasn't been specific about when. As a Miami Beach police reserve officer, he's helped officers solve a missing person's case and catch a hit-and-run driver.



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The attention, any attention that the newspaper gives to these less than serious persons is what prompts other less than serious persons to jump into political races. They want to see their name in the paper. Then, your columnists publicly question why there are no qualified candidates? Duh?

Not Tom


He is dead serious. Maybe if you had a brain you would realize not everyone is like you.

Not Tom

Shak for Sheriff

Shak has everything it takes to be the top cop:
Peace Officer - NY State
Military - Top Security Clearance
Businessman - Entrepreneur
Juris Doctorate
Certified Mediator
Diversity - Civil Rights Leader
Transcends Political Partisanship
Stability in Broward

No Name

Well is is now a wanted man.. so it is a good thing he did not get elected!

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