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AARP: Debate was hollow.

From AARP Florida's state director, Lori Parham, on the CNN/YouTube Republican Debate:

"Again, tonight's debate lacked a real discussion of the kitchen table issues that Americans are talking about day in and day out. This is a continuing disappointment as candidates seem focused on delivering the best sound bites rather than provide solutions for the issues that people care about."


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The debates are not effective because of the number of participants. I don't understand how they expect us voters to get better understanding of each candidate, especially the few high profile ones who garner most of publicity, positions when they share time with the Duncan Hunters, Tom Tancredos, and that out of touch lunatic Ron Paul. Of course the candidates are going to focus on providing sound bites because that is all you can get with 8 long winded politicians on stage.

Jack Murphy

AARP Yea unless its the demoncrats it don't count. you leaders of the aarp are a disgrace to your organization.A good organization taken over by liberals cause everybody is too busy trying to survive the demons in congress!!! Or in our city govt waving guns in super markets!

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