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Charlie: the new Anderson

Taking the mic from CNN's Anderson Cooper, Gov. Charlie Crist just began introducing the Republican candidates for president on stage at tonight's debate.

A few thoughts: Would Crist make a better TV anchor or game-show host? Is Fred Thompson one John McCain taller than John McCain? How vociferous are Ron Paul's fans? How big is Mitt Romney's cohort? What's the real reason Chuck Norris is in the audience?

Beyond that: How much substance will the candidates cover? Judging by the first question about immigration and sanctuary cities (and the actual time and back-and-forth between Rudy Giuliani and Romney), quite a bit. But then, the arguing about who's softer on immigration, seemed like more of the same. But at least the candidates did the actual talking.


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Charlie would make an excellent replacement for Bob Barr on the price is right. I really don't like that new guy.


Chuck Norris is in the audience to run the spin room for Huckabee after the debate

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