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McCain to Romney: Get better briefed

Arizona Sen. John McCain had this to say about to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's incomplete answer on whether waterboarding is torture during Wednesday night's debates: "I think he should get better briefed.''

At a press conference this morning, McCain, noted that the torture technique, invented during the Spanish Inquisition and today being used against Bermanese priests, "is clearly a violation of the Geneva conventions.''

"We tried and convicted Japanese...for doing the same thing on Americans,'' McCain said, adding that the Japanese punishment for those World War II violations was hanging. "America is better than that.''

McCain also said he would restore Florida's full complement of delegates to the Republican convention if he is the presumptive nominee after the primary process. But he wants the primary system dramatically changed -- leaving the three early primary states in tact and then allowing each quadrant of the nation to hold regional primaries, the dates of which would be chosen by a lottery. "If the parties won't fix it, then Congress should,'' he said.


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Congress fixing something in a way that does not solve a proble, a problem created by the last Congressional "fix", by the way, is ALWAYS his answer.

How about we leave Parties alone? If they screw themselves, so be it. But the last thing we need is a Congressional fix!

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