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Al Gore: "I'm in!''

Fresh from accepting his Nobel Peace Prize and enduring a Jenny Craig weight-loss blitz, former vice president Al Gore has decided to make a last-ditch bid for the presidency he believes was stolen from him in 2000.

April Fool's.

But admit it, in the helter-skelter, roller-coaster-riding, anything-can-happen presidential campaign of 2008, it's possible. For more hoaxes and surprises, the rest of Beth Reinhard's column is here.


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Grayson William Sparkman

If Al is in he has my vote. He can win. No Joke.

Its hard enought to tell fact from fiction from the capital press corps stories without you admittedly throwing in hoaxes and 4-month early April Fool's jokes.

Please leave the comedy to the Governor's Press people. k thx.

The Goreacle IS the joke!


Only and anti-american socialist liberal who can't think for themself would vote for Al Gore.

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