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Campbell: I can beat Jeff Atwater

Former state Sen. Skip Campbell is thinking about his New Year's resolution for 2008 and it goes something like this: beat Jeff Atwater, the North Palm Beach Republican senator (whose Senate district has favored Dems in some recent elections.)

"I may be coming back,'' Campbell told the Miami Herald on Friday. "The Democrats are trying to get me to run against Jeff Atwater.''

Campbell said he will make up his mind after the New Year but, he says, in his unsuccessful run for attorney general last year, Campbell won in Atwater's district "and three polls show I can win again.''

Two weeks ago, Atwater was just named by his Republican colleagues the incoming Senate president, in line to replace Ken Pruitt in 2009.


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the three?
1.light pole
2. telephone pole, and
3. bean pole

GOP Grinch

And then there's polling the electorate!

Merry Christmas, campaign vendors & consultants. Merry Christmas, indeed.

Campbell is a trial lawyer, but at least he has a spine.

Cambell,more of a spin than a spine.

Campbell did one thing no one else has done. He lost to Bill McCollum. One thing you can take to heart, Skippy will not be going door to door like Jeff Atwater.

Atwater has an army of volunteers.

So Campbell who does not even live in the district is going to move to the district because his ego is that big.

Term Limits pushed him out and he should stay out.

Kenny Pruit may get his 4 years after all.

Go for it Skip. I live in the district, and you got my vote.

Ft Lauderdale Observer

Campbell? About as much chance as a snowball in hell.


Sorry Skip can't support you against Jeff!


Skip is an out of touch trial lawyer. I will do everything I can to help Jeff Atwater.

this could be a very expensive life lesson for Skip

Skip has convictions. Jeff is still finding his... Skip, I'm in the district and I'm tired of Jeff's flash... go for it. You'll find many more.


If Skip would rid himself of his liberal bias, he certainly has the intellect to be a Republican. He is wasting all of it as a Democrap.

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