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Giuliani: I don't need Iowa

As if his trip to Hialeah on Iowa's caucus day weren't enough, Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign just posted a strategy memo underscoring the Republican's need to win Florida and show well in New Hampshire.

"Florida accounts for more than 40% of all delegates allocated before February 5th and has almost twice as many delegates as the next largest state. It is therefore easy and correct to conclude that in a multiple candidate race, whichever candidate wins Florida, with their winner-take-all delegates, will very likely have a delegate lead going into February 5th....

"In Iowa, one could anticipate that Mayor Giuliani might finish outside of the top 3. Governors Huckabee and Romney are battling it out for first, Senator Thompson is spending a lot of time in the state over the closing days of the campaign and Senator McCain received a recent boost from the endorsement of the Des Moines Register. While placement in Iowa will be a focus of the media, it should be remembered that Senator McCain came in 5th place in Iowa (behind Bauer and Keyes) before winning New Hampshire."

Titled "Looking Good," the email puts a perhaps brighter face on some of the troubles and media-kvetchting the Giuliani campaign has encountered. The whole thing is here.