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Hastings to monitor elections...in the Republic of Georgia

Rep. Alcee Hastings will lead the international election observation mission for the presidential elections to be held in the Republic of Georgia on January 5 - two days after the US kicks off the presidential primary voting with the Iowa caucuses.

The Broward Democrat, who chairs the Helsinki Commission, was jointly appointed to the position on behalf of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe by Foreign Ministers Miguel Angel Moratinos of Spain and Ilkka Kanerva of Finland.

"The world will be watching Georgia, and it is my sincere hope that these elections are conducted in the most free, fair, and transparent manner," Hastings said.


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jerry roden

nothing like an impeached judge overseeing an election!!!!!

Maybe he will be joined by Jimmuh Carter and his buddy Hugo Chavez to ensure a "clean" election!
Wait till Cynthia McKinney hears about the "Republic of Georgia." Her dream come true!


He is useless to Miramar. Let him go screw up another country. What a boob!

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