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Huckabee's Miami team

Surging GOP'er Mike Huckabee, who picked up campaign cash last night in Miami, picked up support from two more Cuban-American legislators.

House Speaker Marco Rubio is co-chairing Huckabee's Florida operations and colleagues, Rep. David Rivera, R-Miami and Sen. Alex Diaz de la Portilla, R-Miami, have signed up as honorary co-chairs of Huckabee's Miami-Dade campaign.

"Gov. Huckabee is a leader who understands the value of freedom and democracy," Rivera said of Huckabee, a former Arkansas governor who once opposed the U.S. embargo on Cuba because of its effect on his state's rice industry. (He says he's now pro-embargo.) "He has demonstrated his commitment to these principles by taking a strong pro-active stance on US policy toward Cuba."

Huckabee, whose recent rise in the polls is shaking up the GOP primary, is raising dollars in Orlando today before flying to Iowa.


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This team is good news for Huckabee...

are you out of your mind?

It's christmas guys, spend some time with your families-that goes for the huckman too...

Webster, Rivera, DLp and the speaker- is Jeb Bush next?

Well, that team knocks me out for Huckabee. I did like him, he seemed like a decent guy. But, you have to look at who people surround themselves with. If Huckabee has the poor judgement to surround himselves with these incredibly evil people, he can't be a good guy.

Huck...just discovered cuba!! The co-chairs should be ashamed of themselves. Huckabee will call for invasion of cuba, if he thought it would get him votes.

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