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More than 14,000 voters will be added back to rolls

Secretary of State Kurt Browning said that the state will take steps starting on Dec. 28 to add at least 14,000 voters previously rejected back to the rolls while the state continues its legal fight over a 2-year-old voter registration law. The state also plans to go back and add as many as an additional 2,000 voters who were rejected between Oct. 1 and now to the rolls.

Browning told the Miami Herald today that state officials have always intended to comply with the ruling of Judge Stephan Mickle - but that it took a couple of days to deal with the logistical and technical issues.

"Quite honestly, we are changing the tire on a car going 100 miles per hour,'' said Browning.

And Browning said even though lawyers for the state have requested a judge to lift the injunction - state officials are moving full speed ahead to comply with Mickle's order. Mickle sided with the NAACP and other groups that contended Florida's "no match" law that requires the state to match information from voter registration applications with state and federal databases appears to violate federal voting rights laws.


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Jeff Donnelly

So, now, it's 16000 legally and properly registerd voters who would have been disenfranchised.

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