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Paul's latest 'money bomb' more of a missile

A web site launched by Miami Beach resident Trevor Lyman that aimed to raise $2.5 million yesterday for underdog Republican Ron Paul came up short, with a little over half a million dollars.

That's a very respectable haul, but it takes a bit of fairy dust off Lyman, who appears to have set a presidential campaign record on Nov. 5 with $4.2 million raised over the Internet in a single day. The Herald's story on Lyman is here.

Onward and upward: Lyman's Dec. 15-16 fundraising web site on Paul's behalf is here.


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Alex Merced

Take the following into consideration.

- The goal on nov.5th was 10 million, we raised 4.3 million, we like to se the bar high

- we organized the Nov 30th fundraiser in 9 days, less time than we had for Nov. 5th

- A lot of people are saving their money for December 16

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