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YouTube debates try to rock the vote

"I feel like I make buggy whips," quipped veteran Tallahassee Democrat reporter Bill Cotterell, at a luncheon sponsored by new media giant YouTube before Wednesday's presidential debate in St. Petersburg.

It was easy for newspaper reporters to feel archaic among the hipster execs from YouTube and parent company Google. One of the four YouTube users who talked about their experience making videos for the world to see was Michael Weitz of Franklin, N.J., known as ConservativeVoiceUSA to his fans.

"The average person sitting at home with a $10 webcam can ask a question that really represents the feeling of millions of Americans, a feeling that members of this press may not realize is happening,'' said Weitz, whose question on amnesty got picked to air during the debate.

Beth Reinhard's column on the YouTube debate is here. And check out a video shown at the YouTube luncheon, viewed more than 2.6 million times. Dennis Trainor, AKA Dennis Fleetwood, demands to know why college students aren't rising up against the war in Iraq.


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