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Another slight to Florida Dems? Dean gives Maddox key convention post

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean has tapped Scott Maddox for a spot on the important credentials committee for the Democratic National Convention.

That's right. It will be Maddox, who was chairman when the party got hit with an IRS lien for failing to pay its taxes, who will sit on the committee that will decide whether or not Florida gets back its 210 delegates that the DNC stripped away after Florida moved up its primary to Jan. 29th. Dean nominated Maddox, the former mayor of Tallahassee and a candidate for governor, for the credentials committee and his selection was ratified by the DNC executive committee over the weekend. It is this committee, which will also have appointments made by the eventual Democratic nominee, that decides whether to seat delegates at the convention.

Maddox was one of the first state chairman to endorse Dean, when the former governor of Vermont who ran for the job of DNC chairman back in 2005.

Maddox said Monday while "I don't know if Howard Dean could have done anything differently'' when it came to Florida's delegates he also said he remains a "Floridian" who wants what best for his home state.

"I'm a Floridian. I'm going to represent my state,'' said Maddox.


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That's called chutzpuh. Maddox 4 Gov!

August 2008
DENVER - Florida Democrats arrived in Denver to find that former state party chairman Scott Maddox's heavily publicized promises of hotel rooms and seats on the convention floor failed to materialize, despite mysterious charges showing up on delegate's credit cards...

Actually, Scott Maddox would be a great candidate against Charlie. He should run. He is a great champion of Democratic values and is an excellent messenger.

Scott Maddox wouldn't let the GOPers get away with saying their for the people but then pushing a tax cut thats supported heavily by the state's major deep-pocketed industrial power brokers.

Come on, Scott. Go for it. Somebody has to run against Crist. Why not you? Why not now?

First the Jeff Ryan ruling now this. Scott is having a good week.

maddox for DNC Chair. couldnt be worse than dean


How come the members of the DNC and RNC from Florida who voted to strip or half every Florida primary voter of his or her primary vote aren't ridden out of the parties?

How come Florida party officials are cooperating with the national party officials who stripped us of our votes and are working with candidates who condoned that disenfranchisement--whole or partial, especially those Democrats who shun voters while collecting checks from fat cats to fund campaigns in other states?

What's more important to democracy--to an election process meant to choose candidates for high PUBLIC office, than peoples' votes?

Who are these state party officials? Their values allow them to strip their neighbors of their votes and to come home and pretend to still represent those disenfranchised neighbors?

What have the American political parties become--insider clubs where voter rights are an optional frill?

Why aren't we calling for the heads of all these self-promoted "leaders" who care so little about our voices and votes.

What are we sheep?

The British Parliament offered the American colonists "virtual representation," meaning exactly what we are told to accept from the Democratic Party--no right to have our vote counted only an opportunity to "influence" others whose vote will count. The Republican Party is marginally better--it treats us like half citizens.

George Washington and crew declined the offer for "virtual representation" and fought a revolution to earn the right to have their votes count. In the 21st Century, our democratic blood runs so thin that we tolerate leaders who take our votes away.

What kind of precedent is that for our children and grandchildren? What kind of democracy are we leaving them?

I say purge the b@#$!@#s from the Florida parties! If the political parties are worth saving, it is because they will be rededicated to the value that the people decide the policy and personnel of government by voting.

The American political process should be about more than justing winning at any cost.

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