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Bense apologizes for Crist comments

Former House Speaker Allan Bense, who earlier this week threw cold water on Gov. Charlie Crist's endorsement of John McCain, today said that he was wrong to make the comments and said he planned to personally apologize to Crist later today.

"My remarks were inappropriate,'' said Bense, who said he violated is own "48 hour rule" about making statements. "It was in the heat of battle."

Bense, a supporter of Mitt Romney, said during a conference call that Crist's endorsement of McCain would help Romney in North Florida because McCain wasn't conservative enough. Bense also said that Panama City residents were unhappy that Crist had agreed to a $5 million settlement with the family of Martin Lee Anderson before the guards accused of manhandling the teen were put on trial. The guards were eventually acquitted.

A day after McCain's victory, however, Bense said that whoever the GOP nominee winds up being he will support them: "Whoever the nominee is, I'm supporting them 100 percent."


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Thank you Allan. I was so disappointed when you made those comments. It seemed so contrary to the persona I have always seen you portray. I'm glad to see you apologize... You truly are the class act I thought you were.

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