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Bense: Crist endorsement of McCain is great for Romney up here in the Panhandle

Former House Speaker Allan Bense suggested on a Mitt Romney conference call that Gov. Charlie Crist's backing of John McCain is helping... Romney. At least in Florida's conservative Panhandle.

"Since the endorsement last night I got 47 phone calls to my cell phone and home cell, either wanting to get (Romney) campaign signs or how to get to the rally that Gov. Romney will attend," Bense said. "I think we're conservative in this part of the world."

Minutes later, Bense corrected himself, "in fact, my wife just said it's 48 calls,'' he said. "There's just concern about it, this is a very conservative part of the state and there's been some concern whether or not this is a conservative ticket McCain is running or a moderate."

Bense also went out of his way to mention the case of Martin Lee Anderson the 14-year-old who died after he was beaten by guards at a state juvenile justice facility. Crist settled the case with the family before the guards were tried -- and found not guilty. That upset a number of white conservatives in the Panama City area, which was sundered amid the publicity and trial in the caught-on-tape beating case.

"Martin Lee Anderson," Bense said. "Generally speaking, that one case was so high-profile. Folks just getting over it."


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I am a real conservative! I will always vote for Romeny who has flipped flop on abortion, civil rights, immigraions, affirmative action, and gov't spending, against a real American hero. What matters to a real conservative like me is not the flip flopping on the issues, but where he has flopped today. Hell, how can I vote for a man who has give his life tothis country over a hypocrite.

Jeb is the real conservative I want to hear an endorsement announcement from.

I like the Romney who in his debate with Ted Kennedy in 1994 said he and his mother were both adamantly pro-choice. They had a family friend die from a back alley abortion and he would always fight to make sure Roe v Wade is the law of the land.

Why did you endorse Crist then you fool ?

Nice flip flop Bense...

I am very disappointed in Bense. I thought he had more class than to involve himself like this.


McCain sees everything through military eyes. He is happy to leave our troops in Iraq for 50 years! He has vowed to chase Osama to hell regardless of the death and destruction it takes. McCain will lead us to another war! Please vote for anyone OTHER than McCain.
Romney is strong on defense and the military, but he will bring our troops home as soon as it is safely possible. He will secure our borders and protect our nation. Romney will always put AMERICA FIRST.!

Bense takes orders from Jeb, who knew?

Bense is weird


What did John McCain or Charlie Crist ever do to get rid of Ted Kennedy?


Bense has been involved for months. Last minute Charlie showed no class. Where was he when McCain was down last fall? Where would he be if McCain was not now leading the national polls? Did McCain tell him "it's now or never" or did he promise him the moon?

Bonnie McGuire

MOST CONSERVATIVE Republicans despise and are disgusted by the sight of John McCain. Have you looked at his "BAGGAGE". His CIRCLE of Friends is less than Illustrious. He has paved his way to a DISPISED PLACE in AMERICAN Society with his support of Keating and all of HIS special interest groups. At one point, I thought that John McCain was an American Hero. WE now have DEFINITIVE PROOF that John McCain has supported many ANTI AMERICAN pieces of legislattion. Yes, Johnny, Boy, may have all of the Corporate and Special interest groups that he is ALIGNED with but he cares LITTLE about the AMERICAN TAXPAYER. He’s been in Washington some 22 years. What has he done for the Amercain TAXPAYERS? WE, REPUBLICANS and the MAJORITY of AMERICANS must draw a line AGAINST those POLITICIANS who would sell this Country out to ILLEGALS and Foregin Governments. John MCCain is one of those TRAITORS. With McCain's ILLUSTRIOUS background of TAKING PAYOFFS from Special Interest Groups and voting against the Tax Cuts, why would we elect him for Dog Catcher let alone president?
With McCain's support and attempting to shove this "Comprehensive IMMIGRATION REFORM" (what a joke ) bill down our THROATS. Most of the Republican Party and the Majority of American Taxpayers are EXTREMELY Disappointed with John McCain SCREWING AMERICAN TAXPAYRRS while Our family of American Citizens who pay taxes for ILLEGALS to ENJOY WELFARE, Healthcare and Hud HOUSING are VERY ANGRY . How much do I have to deny my Grandchildren and Children so that We can pay TAXES to SUPPORT ILLEGAL CRIMINALS. It APPEARS that IN addition to expecting AMERICAN TAXPAYERS to PAY the BILLS for ALL of these ILLEGALS, you and all of the OTHER LIBERALS imagine the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS ASSISTING these CRIMINALS in SETTING UP THEIR FAMILIES and RELATIVES to take over the Country lock, stock and BARRELL. WE ARE SICK and TIRED of people ATTEMPTING to PUSH ALL of THESE EXPENSES on US and TO TELL THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER that we have no RIGHTS. Yes, WE HAVE RIGHTS. Those RIGHTS entitle us to DEMAND that WASHINGTON RESPOND to the DEMANDS of AMERICAN TAXPAYERS/CITIZENS/VOTERS. As of this MOMENT, the MAJORITY of AMERICANS WILL VOTE for Mitt ROMNEY a man who is NOT a WASHINGTON INSIDER as McCain is. WE want these ILLEGAL/VULTURE/SQUATTER/CRIMINAL/WELFARE STEALING/INTERLOPING/DRUG SELLING/DRUNK DRIVING/ALIENS out of here as of TODAY. DEPORT, DEPORT, DEPORT


Romney is gaining lots of support from central Florida as well. People are fed up with the Governor who has told them that their property taxes are going to "drop like a rock" and really the only think dropping like a rock is his approval rating. If the people of Florida don't vote for property tax amendment it is going to be his fault for endorsing a liberal. I thought that "peoples" Governor would have been smart enough to let the "people" make their choice with out his stamp of approval.
But then again, Floridians already made one big mistake!! Guess we needed the mistake to endorse/remind us not to make another one.

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