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Chamber poll: Three-way tie in Florida, Huckabee in fourth

A Florida Chamber of Commerce poll by InsiderAdvantage of 446 likely Republican voters shows a three-way tie between Rudy Giuliani (21 percent) and John McCain and Mitt Romney (20 percent). Mike Huckabee is in fourth with 13 percent, which is the same percentage of undecided voters.

Fred Thompson at 7 percent is close to getting beaten by Ron Paul at 6 percent

In the kinda-no-count Democratic race, 336 likely voters were surveyed. Hillary Clinton: 42 percent. Barack Obama 34 percent and John Edwards had 9 percent -- the same number as undecideds.


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Those polls numbers don't mean much until after the South Carolina primary. If Huckabee wins in SC, he will get a big bump and could very well take all 57 delegates in the Sunshine State as well.

James Lee

Do we really need another president that only knows about war? What we need is someone with strong business sense. Everything is being made is China now.
Romney is the only one with any business sense and he will bring jobs back to the states. Mr. Huck should stop wasting his money and donate to the poor.

James Lee

McCain says he will secure the borders but he can't even do it at his own state in Arizona.

How does he expect to do it for the whole country when he can't even take care of his own state. What a joke.

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