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Clinton still celebrates delegate-less win

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton might not have been in Florida to campaign, but she wasn't about to miss a chance to come to the state to celebrate her win on Tuesday.

Several hundred supporters gathered at the Signature Grand Ballroom in Davie, buoyed by some of Clinton's standard upbeat campaign rally songs like "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" and "Talking Care of Business."

"I am thrilled to have this voice of confidence you have given me today," Clinton told the crowd.

As political observers expected after her loss Saturday in South Carolina, Clinton emphasized the overwhelming Florida win, even if it meant no delegates. And she emphasized its ability to carry her campaign to Feb. 5.

"Stay with us because starting tomorrow we're going to sweep through the states," she said. "We will not only take back the White House but take back our country."

Clinton's appearance Tuesday night marks the official end of a months-long campaign
boycott. But while Clinton celebrated her win in Florida, her fellow candidates pushed ahead
with their campaigns in the flood of states that vote Feb. 5. But 2008's most famous
campaign surrogate Bill Clinton did continue the campaign push on her behalf Tuesday,
hitting stops in New Jersey and Ohio.



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Raul de Jesus

Billary once again sleezes there way to a b.s. victory party. Voters who voted today voted more for OBAMA than those who voted early before anyone even knew Barack Obama was a viable candidate who could win. Cheating in the White House was perfected by Billary and this is just another attempt by this duo to hoodwink us. Too bad for them that AMERICA is waking up to the only candidate who tells the truth BARACK. I am a Cuban American so don't pigeonhole us all as sheep voting Republican. As a veteran I respect Mc Cain and his service to our country but since my sons and his friends are coming back from Iraq with tragic injuries or worse dead I cannot get behind his change to the surge is working lies. Lets look to the future and vote for character and judgment BARACK AND ROLL IN 2008.

Mark- Hoboken, NJ

What pathetic, shameless people the Clintons are!!!! Can't they play by the rules or will they do absolutely anything to get "philandering Bill" back in the White House?

Kyrann Haynes

What is wrong with you people and your small minded ideas? Tell me honestly is wrong with Florida and Mich res trying to get their voices heard. What if it was you that couldnt be heard. Oh we call people like you haters and well you need to stop drinking that hateraide!


Hillary did not lie about campaigning in Florida, she did not. I would like to know what is so wrong about her coming here after the polls were closed to show her appreciation to her supporters and people who waited in long lines to vote for her not knowing if their votes would be counted or not. I tell you one thing, I would much rather have "philandering Bill" back than have any one of those lying, no good Republicans any day. Thank you Hillary for showing that you do care and that you do think that Florida counts, unlike some of your less favorable contenders. Keep it going Girl, God Bless You!!!


Talking about "getting your voice heard" in Florida and Michigan is beside the point. The DNC was punishing these two states for jumping the gun. Everyone agreed to this up front, including the Clintons (sorry, but they are now a single entity), who wanted to change the rules of the game when it looked to be in their favor. What poor role-models - 'win at any cost'.

Sorry, but do you honestly think Bill won't be attending Cabinet level meetings? 2 terms is enough. And please give it a rest with how they were 'persecuted' - the Republicans set a perjury trap for Bill and he willingly walked into it, perjuring himself in front of a grand jury.

All quibbles aside; I love the Police, but copping "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" for a campaign theme song really goes beyond the pale.

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