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Clinton: We won Florida big

She didn't pick up any delegates in the state, but that isn't stopping Hillary Clinton's camp from spinning Florida as a major win.

The campaign in an e-mail today points out that Clinton won the "highest turnout Democratic primary in Florida history. More than 1.5 million Democrats voted - more than cast votes in Iowa, Nevada, South Carolina and New Hampshire combined.

It also points out that Clinton got more votes in Florida than GOP winner John McCain. Barack Obama's camp maintains the Florida victory was meaningless because: A) there are no delegates and B) the campaigns suspended operations in the state last fall.

His campaign sent out mocking e-mails as the networks called Florida for Clinton, minutes after the polls closed in the state: ''Obama and Clinton tie for delegates in Florida,'' the e-mail from Obama spokesman Bill Burton said. ``0 for Obama, 0 for Clinton

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Jennifer Saum

Casting my vote didn't mean "nothing" to me. Reguardless of whether Florida delegates count or don't count, yesterday was a chance to say...Look convention, this is who we want. For Obamah to act like we don't know what's going on in the election because they suspended campaigning is crazy. They have commercials on dish stations still, have had televised debates, they are all over the news and the election is all over the Internet. We weren't sitting around in the dark. Many of us made educated decisions and cast our votes because we felt it still mattered.

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