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Crist for Vice President?

John McCain answered the question – sort of – at a brief campaign stop with Gov. Charlie Crist in a Tampa diner.

“I know Gov. Crist has a great deal of work to do as governor of this state,” McCain said. “Clearly I would be honored to be associated with him in any endeavor.”

Crist endorsed the Arizona senator Saturday night at the Pinellas County Lincoln Day dinner in St. Petersburg.

McCain immediately turned the conversation to the issue of disaster area insurance, which as been a recurrent issue in the campaign leading up to Tuesday’s Republican primary.

“One of the endeavors we’re going to be working together on, and it’s vital to the state of Florida and other states across the region is this whole issue of insurance,” McCain said. “We need to get insurance available to every homeowner so they’re not in danger of losing their life savings and the dream of owning their  own home.”

Crist supports a national catastrophe fund, while McCain has said he opposes it, though he advocates other options, such as regional insurance solutions.


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Who is getting Jeb's vote? That's the conservative endorsement I'm waiting to hear.

Prince of Tides

Wow, the first gay GOP VP! Now there's a "first" on a ticket!

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