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Did property tax vote kill elected mayor proposal in Broward?

A plan to change the make-up of the Broward County Commission won't go to voters in November, with some opponents saying Tuesday's property tax vote was a sign voters wouldn't approve any plans that would expand the size of government.

After three hours of debate, the county's Charter Review Commission rejected several proposed changes on Wednesday, included a suggested referendum to create an 11-member commission by adding an at-large mayor and county commissioner. The proposal, which won on initial vote in December, fell well short of the votes it needed to land on the November ballot.

One big question in the debate: What were voters voting for when the approved Tuesday's property tax referendum? Were they voting for less government? Were they voting for more efficient government? Or were they just voting to lower their property taxes?

There didn't seem to be much consensus...on that question or on much else.

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Broward critic

The Culture of Corruption continues. The only answer defeat all incumbents.Mara is gone, Parker is gone, Jenne is gone, Wasserstrom is gone. Next Lieberman, Rodstrom, Eggelletion, Ritter,Wexler.Candidates time to run...change is in the air and the corrupt are closing ranks to defend their money making turf.Go for it!


Geller for County Commissioner!

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