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Gelber calls Crist's education plan 'phantom' budget

House Democratic Leader Dan Gelber called Gov. Charlie Crist's education budget proposal released Thursday "a phantom budget" that's designed to "just to convince people they’re not cutting education when of course they are,'' he told editors and reporters today at a conference in Tallahasee. "I'd like to know where the money’s comg from."

He said much of the $1 billion looks like "it's shifting and a lot of local taxes." He sees its more of a decrease in the total educaiton budget than a decrease because it cuts $370 million from homeowners capital money, funds for school construction and money for community colleages at a time when the declining economy is going to boost their enrollment.


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Crappy Universities

Why don't we talk about how no one cares about funding our universities properly. How can we turn these institutions into economic machines when they get very little funding? You want billions in bio-medical research then you have to pay for the infastructure!

Methinks the Yes On 1ers are speaking with forked tongue.

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