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Hillary supporters already celebrating in Broward

The national media have been calling the results of Florida's Democratic primary a beauty contest. Try telling that to the crowd of more than 200 gathered at the Signature Grand in Davie, waiting for Hillary Clinton to speak later tonight.

The group started pouring into the hotel's ballroom just as CNN started to broadcast initial results that showed the former First Lady with a sizeable lead over Sen. Barack Obama. And has been erupting into periodic chants of "Hill-a-ry! Hill-a-ry! Hill-a-ry!" ever since.

"That's great!" said shouted state Sen. Nan Rich, as she turned to look at the results on the big screen behind her.

Rich, D-Weston, has spent the past few weeks campaigning hard for Clinton, along with several other state, national and local politicians, who are helping build support for the New York senator while she and the other Democratic candidates fulfill their promise not campaign in the state.

Rich spent the day at the polls in her district talking to voters about Clinton, and ended the day with her daughter and two of her grandchildren, where the family waited for Hillary to arrive in Davie. And for her grandaugther Hannah, it will be her first chance to meet Hillary, although she did get to meet Bill Clinton earlier in the campaign.

"She wanted to make sure that wasn't going to count as her turn [to go to a campaign event], because she didn't get to meet Hillary," Rich explained.



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It's going to be interesting to see how Hillary plays up this non-contest less than a week after she downplayed a legitimate beatdown in South Carolina.

Mark F

Hillary is fairly pathetic. Well, REALLY pathetic, actually.


She's celebrating a "win" in which none of the other competed? Yippee.

Proves once again that there's no depths to which Billary won't sink.

Why should the Dems nominate someone who inspires across party lines (young, independents, and Republicans) when they could nominate someone who has no chance of beating McCain.

Raul de Jesus

I am a Cuban American veteran who's son just returned from Iraq where he lost many of his friends to roadside bombs. Should we be in this war which was brought to us via a pack of lies? I will vote for the only one with the courage to stand up when it was unpopular to fight against it BARACK OBAMA. Billary are cheaters or have we forgotten Lewinski and the plethora of others that spent time in the peoples White House. Her celebration tonight in a basic forfeit is another joke; kind of reminds me of her crying n New Hampshire.. America is smart enough to see past her and my Latino brothers in California and elsewhere are going to surprise her by voting for Barack Obama not Billary. Time to change the page and look forward not wway backwards to the hole the Billary duo crawled out of.

BARACK AND ROLL IN 2008 he is the only Democrat who can take the November race..


Well Clinton didn't campaign any more then Obama did and maybe a little less.
Once the convention begins both FL and Mich.delegations can petition the credentials committee to be seated though some problems remain.
If you look at the white and hispanic votes for Obama it is unimpressive. Almost half his votes came from the 20% of voters who are black.So only what 18% of white and hispanic voters were his.
Clinton got 45% of these voters.

Mark Kraft

This is a test of the Florida Democratic primary.

The party leaders in your area, in violation of Democratic state and national authorities, have developed this unofficial primary to try to cut ahead of other states in the event of an actual election.

For the next sixty seconds, you will hear a high-pitched whining tone that will let you know that your fellow Floridians just threw their votes away, followed by a collective yawn from the rest of America. Remember, this is only a test.


This has been a test of the Florida Democratic primary. If this had been an actual primary, you would have been instructed to vote one week later at one of the polling stations in your area.

This concludes this test of the Florida Democratic Primary.

Mark Kraft

When asked about campaigning in Florida, even though she had agreed not to, Hillary pounded the podium, wagged her finger, and yelled "I DID NOT HAVE CAMPAIGN RELATIONS WITH THAT STATE!"


Loved watching Hillary smiling away at all her demented fanboys on MSNBC, FOX and CNN. All those cable critters pained faces interviewing Hillary. It almost ruined the Ascension of St. John of McCain for them. Too funny.

God help the democratic process, and what a totally-biased bunch. They ignored over a million Dem voters for 90 minutes! They keep trying to drive a stake thru Clinton's heart, and she keeps jumpin' up and scaring the crap out of them.

That woman looked frickin' radiant tonight, her delivery was easy, on message and smart. Just smilin' at the boys. Keith tried to zing her -- and she had all she could do to not laugh in his face.

I didn't catch Timmeh's "Ooo, she pulled a fast one by NOT campaigning, THEN getting 800,000+ Floridians vote for her! Hey, that's not FAIR!" Bet he had his frowny face and eyebrow on.

Gee, where were the dazzling graphics on the Democrat exit polls, huh? We saw the Republican ones at least 40 times. They were running the clock so they didnt have to mention Democrats -- Pat Buchanan finally read off some very interesting numbers.

These cable clowns are so trying to pick a president for us--and they totally suck at it. The media elites and big dailies are gonna try to downplay the Dem results. They are panting to close this deal, and the damn voters keep throwing these curves.

Be honest, if the Dem percentages had been reversed and Barak (who I like)came in at 50% and Hillary in the 30's--this would be BLAZING headlines. Matthews, Obie, and Wolf would have burned the white smoke tonight for Barak! Timmeh would have whipped out his little whiteboard and scrawled "It's OVER!" But if Hillary wins..."Um...Doesn't matter."

As Chris Matthews' "old boss" Tip might say (after belting Tweety in the mouth), "Fellas, I don't think so."

Mark Kraft

I think a lot of people very reasonably assume that the biggest reason so many Floridians voted for Hillary was that she directly tried to woo them, thereby breaking the spirit, if not the word, of her promise to the Democratic Party and to the people of Iowa and New Hampshire.

That explains why the Union-Leader's editorial called her a flat out liar yesterday.



Everywhere I go today, I hear the same uninformed garbage from Obama supporters. The truth is that no candidate campaigned in FL (though Obama did run an ad there) and all of them were on the ballot. It was most decidedly a contested election. This was not Michigan, where she was indeed uncontested. The more posts I read on the Net from Obama supporters, the more scared I am that the party is being infiltrated by stupid people who are easily swayed by a cult of personality and are ignorant of actual issues. Its not surprising that Obama has the support of college students. Recent surveys show that the number one job preferred by girls in their teens to early 20s is to be a celebrity assistant—not a doctor, lawyer, or even an actual celebrity—but their handmaidens. I guess its also not surprising that the rest of his supporters are educated boomers—you know the type who always fantasized about being a roadie for the rolling stones. BTW, she had a massive lead long before she promised to show up on election to say hi. Obama actually ended up with more votes than any previous poll suggested. Do your homework, kiddies.


Passage of Florida legislative bill HB 537 has caused 1.7 million voters to become disenfranchised. Unless the RNC & DNC policies are changed, this could happen to you some day; regardless of your state or party affiliation. The contents of this website will discuss this bill, what happened; and what you can do to try to reverse this situation and prevent it from recurring. Please help us reinstate the voting rights of Florida Democrats. How you can help:

Pass this information on to others.

Visit the website

Read the Position Summary Section

Visit the What To Do Page and follow our action suggestions

If you have already signed a petition that combines the Michigan and Florida reinstatement effort, please sign this petition also. There are different arguments for each state and I believe they need to be argued independently.

Please keep these facts in mind as you read the contents of this website:
* The Florida Democratic primary election ballot had all democratic candidates listed.
* Florida Dems have been disenfranchised, through no fault of their own
* HB537 was written by a Florida Republican to change Florida's primary date.
* A state legislature has interfered with it's constituents National voting rights.
* The Florida Democratic Party did NOT change this date, the legislature did.
* The Florida legislature has an overwhelming Republican majority.
* The House of Representatives in Florida have 41 Democrats; 71 Republicans.
* The Senate in Florida have 14 Democrats; 26 Republicans
* The state of Florida has a Republican Governor.
* The citizens of the state of Florida did NOT vote on this date change.
* HB537 was passed in May 2007 & legislatively changed the Florida primary date.
* This date was, and still is, unalterable by the Florida Democrats.

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