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Huckabee graces Florida with his presence

While Republican presidential candidates Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney and John McCain have been stumping in Florida every day since Saturday's South Carolina primary, Mike Huckabee has limited his time here, focusing on other Southern states while still trying to appear competitive in Florida.

In the presidential campaign version of a drive-thru, he will attend a 7 p.m. rally tomorrow at the Elite Jet Hangar at Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport.

"The pundits are attempting to write us off after a strong second place finish in South Carolina,'' Huckabee says in an e-mail to supporters. "Don't let the media write the story. Spread the word we are second in overall delegates to the Republican Convention thanks to our win in Iowa and our strong finish in South Carolina...We have refocused our efforts and our(sic) energized.

"We need your support on the ground in Florida,'' he adds. "Working together we can finish strong in Florida."


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Florida for Huckabee

Mike Huckabee is running a strong campaign in Florida, with grassroots volunteers active around the state. He has chosen to run a nationwide, 50 state campaign because he understands that a President of the United States must lead the whole nation...not just citizens in the "early states" or those in the "BIG states." Some of his opponents in this campaign seem to have forgotten that every American, in every state, deserves a voice in choosing our next leader.


Huckabee is definitely in the running for Florida's 57 delegates. He will do well because of the support of thousands of volunteers across the state who are working hard to get his name out to the people.

There is no frontrunner in Florida right now. I'm sure that with Thompson now out of the race, Huckabee will gain more social conservatives to his side. We'll have to wait till January 29th to see who comes out on top.


Go Huckabee!!!


Pro-life supports in Florida now is your chance to kick Rudi Giuliani out of the race! He is the only Republican running on a pro-choice ticket, and we can kick him out of the race and discourage any more pro-life candidates for the future. If Giuliani gets a third place in this race he will be out for sure! The way to do it, --VOTE MITT ROMNEY. McCain has pretty much wrapped up first or second place in Florida, but Giuliani might be able to stay in the race and later on win California and New York if he wins second. All pro-life voters vote Romney. He is a pro-life candidate for whom, if he wins first or second in Florida, can kick Giuliani out! All people who are social issues voters who would have voted Huckabee, change to Romney and tell the Republican Party we want social conservatives running for President. Huckabee cannot not win in Florida and Florida is a winner takes all, so you literally hurt him worse by voting for him. Take a stand and throw Rudy Giuliani out of the race!

John F W

Opinions based on no information or misinformation are not helpful to voters who want to make an informed decision about candidates. Hannity, Limbaugh, Coulter, Bauer the mainstream media (MSM), the Republican establishment, the conservative elite, the religious leadership, the talking heads, and the pundits can repeat the misrepresentation that Mr. Huckabee’s economic and foreign policy views are liberal from now until November but that won’t make it so. They can say Huckabee’s support is limited to evangelicals, but that is far from true. They can state that Huckabee is out of contention is Florida and perhaps nationally but that is absolutely not the case. Visit the web sites of the candidates and research them on the internet. Read articles written by them and about them. View videos of their speeches, interviews, and debates. After your research you may come to your own conclusion (not one fed to you by others) that Mr. Huckabee is by far the strongest advocate of faith and family values. He is very reasonable and logical in his economic policy, particularly regarding economic stimulus and job creation in the short term and the Fair Tax in the long term. Huckabee is a leader capable of putting together a formidable team of experts for foreign policy, defense, and security. He is very conservative regarding the size and scope of the federal government and states’ rights. Finally, Mike Huckabee enjoys widespread unwavering popular support. These are what make a candidate electable, not their “sound bites” in a debate or interview or their jabs at their opponents.

John F W

Help fight the MSM misinformation about Mike’s FL and Super Tuesday campaign!

Yesterday and today (22-23 Jan) all the TV news and the internet buzz have been falsely stating that Mike is “conceding” FL and may be out before or right after Super Tuesday.

Since the Huckabee cause is a movement of the people, not a wealthy elitist establishment political organization, it is up to all of us to set the record straight.

You do not have to live in FL to write comments following articles appearing in FL news sources. Please visit mikehuckabee.com and click on “about” and “issues” on the top of the page. Then go to “Blog” and look to the right at the list of “Blogs for Huckabee” and click on “Florida for Huckabee.” There are several news articles reported there. Click on them and then post your comments. Note that there is also a FL HQ for Huckabee link on the main page.

Also search “Florida news” and go to every news source listed and search for Huckabee articles or FL primary articles and post comments there as well.

Most of you know what to say, but for those who don’t understand the MSM misleading reports: Mike is definitely not conceding FL! He is strapped for cash and must focus his limited resources on the 22 states of Super Tuesday as well as FL. He can’t risk it all on FL because Giuliani, McCain, and Romney have the big bucks to conduct a media blitz. FL is winner take all so second place does not help.

This is a battle of the wealthy and powerful versus Mike and the people. Are we going to let the fat cats and the status quo win yet again?

This is a popular movement and a cause that can make history because it defied the establishment and won for faith, family, freedom, the Fair Tax, sane foreign policy, border security, and more—all for the common good of the American people. Be a part of that history.

Annette Ford

If the voters would take time to study the FairTax and understand exactly what it would do for the individual and for the econony of this country, Mike Huckabee would win by a landslide. The FairTax would bring back trillions of dollars that are in offshore accounts, it would insure that illegals, prostitutes, drug dealers, criminals, deadbeats and others pay their fair share of taxes. At the same time it will cut what the hardworking taxpayers must pay. It would bring back industries that have moved to other countries. Mike Huckabee is the only candidate who would work to support the FairTax.

Vote 4 Huckster!!

It is so great we are able to communicate with each other and keep every one from being depressed. Yes, there is a lot to be excited about! Yes, Mike Huckabee is our real chance, and the media would like us to think our "Hero" is dead and gone. If it was not for the ability to read all the blogs and help in grassroot planning we'd all be "sold" on all the media hype. It's crazy how they want to make us all vote for Romney or McCann. I am a USCG Veteran and I have NO intention of voting for anyone but Mike Huckabee.


Thanks for the encouragement all of you who are still believers in the Huckabee campaign to win! Let's "we the people" take back our Government with Mike's leadership. If you're not sure about him check on his over the top approval in his home State of Arkansas. Remember the 73,000 Emergency Katrina victims he took in when the Federal government as well as local government failed them. Don't buy the ads paid for by the rich and the ever biased news. With the internet we,the common people can search out the facts and we do not have to believe the view points of those who would have us follow their bias.


Go MITT! Please don't let McCain win!


Go MITT! Please don't let McCain win! No Hucklberry either!!!

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