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Janet Reno endorses Clinton

Former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno, who served in Bill Clinton's administration, is backing his wife in Tuesday's presidential primary.

Reno, who ran for governor in 2002 and served as Miami-Dade State Attorney, is one of Florida's best-known politicians. "She's got a large statewide following in Florida,'' said Ana Cruz, who leads a volunteer group called Hillary for Florida.

A Miami Herald poll last week showed that women voters favor Clinton over chief rival Barack Obama, 45 to 21 percent. But Florida's highest ranking female Democrat, Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, has stayed neutral in the race.

"We haven't stopped pursing her endorsement,'' Cruz said.


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Mark F

Wow--Janet Reno. Wow. What a coup for Hillary. Who needs the Kennedys when you've got Reno. Just. Wow.



Minnesota Reader

So what?

Months ago the agreement was to abide by the DNC ruling. Through surrogates Hillary once again shows that she will do anything to win, including changing the rules in the middle of the game after agreeing. Same thing with the Nevada Caucus.

They (Clintons) will lie and cheat to get the White House.

Janet Reno, as a Clinton appointee, is expected to endorse Hillary. All of Clinton's appointees were called months ago. The real story is who from his administration is NOT supporting her and outright supporting Obama. There are a lot of them. A whole lot.


Now if Hillary could get Elian's endorsement.

Florida Democrat

This is big!

Janet Reno and Bill Nelson agree then, FLORIDA IS CLINTON COUNTRY!



Finally! I can now sleep better at night knowing that Janet Reno has endorsed the Clintons.

What an awesome surprise. I'm still shaking.


I have the greatest respect for Janet Reno. She has experience in how the press treats a competent woman in a leadership position, and she has survived their attacks over the years. Her endorsement is meaningful to those of us who see through Obama's egotism - "I can unite the entire country and change the world solely by the power of my personality" - and recognize Hillary Clinton's strong work ethic, know how, experience, wisdom, strength, and compassion.


Maybe now the truth will finally come out....Janet Reno is really Chelsea's father


Hillary is a serial liar, cheat, fraud and scam artist who lacks the requisite honesty and good moral character to be president.

Her husband Bill, a business partner whom she would divorce within seconds of losing the general election, is little better.

John Warren Gotsch

Remember the name of Lani Guinier who was nominated for the civil rights head in the Clinton Justice Dept? Well anyway, WJC and HRC walked away from Guinier when some media dunderheads could not understand complex legal arguements made by Guinieri who was Yale law school colleague to the Clintons and a friend of HRC who was all about "standing by her philandering man" but not her deserving friends.
Malcolm X had the words for "white trash": "chickens coming home to roost!"
Today Guinier is a tenured law professor at Harvard and HRC failed her first bar exam and went to Arkansas for her second! Chickens do come home and Barack will become president, have no fear!


JW Gotsch - excellent post!

I would also add the abandonment of former Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders by President Clinton, when she'd committed the cardinal sin of mentioning masturbation (for those who can't remember it or weren't of age--please look it up).

Sgt. York

Elders? You're complaining about Elders?
Ummmmm...she did a little more than mention masturbation...she advocated teaching it in the schools!!! Can you imagine that class?
Elders lost her job because the comment illustrated a serious lack of judgment.
Not because she "mentioned masturbation."


oops, there goes the cuban american vote in FL (if any was going Hillary's way).


Wasn't janet reno in charge when those women and children were burned to death in Waco, Texas? and during what administration?


Janet Reno is a disgrace, she must endorse Hillary as there are all those secrets to be kept including waco oaklahoma and much more. Why is the woman even relevant, she should be on the list of those who held the highest offices and breached her oath to serve and uphold the consitition. She has an even higher duty to justice as an attorney. This is pathetic.


I just can't picture Obama's administration committing a Waco. I can't say the same for Hillary's.

FJ Stratford

Thank you Janet! You made the right choice!

These bitter, sexist, racist Obama supporters will be soooo sad after election day when they realize that their negative attitude has turned off all Democratic voters out there!

FJ Stratford

I'd take Janet Reno's endorsement over alcoholic murderer Ted Kennedy and his rapist nephew.



so what, another feminist closet lesbian for hillary.

Alex in Chicago

Does anyone think that both Dem. candidates fall short of what we would want in a President? One for lack of experience and lately, enthusiasm, and the other for too much experience and enthusiasm? I do not trust Hillary given the Clintons' financial misdealings and scandals in the past. For example, like when her husband was in the Whitehouse (remember that super duper land deal they avoided hanging for...whitewater?). As for the baby candidate, who I think is decent and quite charming, I just think he needs more experience. Oh, he did kind of mishandle many, many parking tickets in the past, and also recently he fibbed a bit when he said he used to be a Civil Rights lawyer in Chicago. This is just not quite true.

Whoever wins, will leave behind a legacy of loose ends, dangling for years to come, in the Middle East and beyond. Sigh....

Online Poker Fan

Hillary, If that would happen in Poker...

Its too funny what politicians do all the time not admitting that they have lost at a given situation. Hillary being just the perfect model how policitians act when they have to

face a situation where they have lost or were wrong on a topic. They try to ignore it and still play "I am a winner" no matter what the facts and the given reality around them


I wonder if thats the reason why policitians don't play poker tournaments - at least not that I know of many who do. Because in the end if lose or win. You can just say "Wow, it

was a fantastic poker game, I was coming in place 38 out of 500". You either win the tournament or you dont. Great if you finish in a range of places where you are getting paid

a few dollars, but if you really want to win in poker games you need to be at the very top of the winners or else.

Nothing would help you that in the world of politics is always going on: "re-arranging facts", "changing the rules at the end to adjust reality", "playing dumb", "not admitting

any mistakes, and just saying NOTHING", "blame it on misunderstandings", "I didnt mean what i said, actually everybody did misunderstood me", and so on.

The good thing about poker is that you either win or your dont. The most obvious of your skills in playing poker is the ability to win. And the "politicians" under the losing

poker players will always say "I had a bad run, I just had back luck" and try to reduce the game of poker to the game of being lucky and being dealt the right cards. It is not.


Anyway Hillary, I would love to see you at www.actionpoker.com and www.tigergaming.com some day and would like to see how you try to explain your bad poker performance when we

do beat you in the first poker tournment offered just for struggling politicians.

Kevin, Poker Tournament Fan
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