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John Kerry: Florida doesn't matter; and Obama won't talk about seating Florida delegates

Former prez contender Sen. John Kerry, who has endorsed Barack Obama, urged reporters on a conference call to reject what he says is a Clinton campaign effort to make Florida count.

"The bottom line is: Florida does not offer any delegates," Kerry said. "It's not a legitimate race, it should not become a fabricated race, it should not become a spin race."

He cast Hillary Clinton's visit to Broward today after the polls close as an "effort to create something out of something that isn't supposed to be something."

(It might have mattered to Kerry: he lost Florida in 2004 to President Bush)

He was followed by campaign manager David Plouffe, who, responding to a question, wouldn't say whether the campaign would give Florida its delegates back.

"That's obviously a long way down the road," Plouffe said. Clinton, in a bid to woo Florida from afar, last week pledged to restore Florida's delegates. But the Obama campaign maintains Florida does not yet matter.