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Lt. Gov. welcomes Giuliani to his turf

Neither of Florida's top Republicans in Tallahassee -- Gov. Charlie Crist and Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp -- have taken sides in the hardfought GOP presidential primary. But Kottkamp did give a nice introduction to Rudy Giuliani today at the Shell Point retirement community in Ft. Myers, which he represented when he served in the Florida House.

"We saw his amazing courage and leadership following the Sept. 11 attacks,'' Kottkamp said.

The kind words came before Giuliani took on Kottkamp's chosen profession - trial lawyer. "We sue each other too much,'' he said. "Too many lawsuits and too many that are frivolous.''

The campaign said, sigh, that Kottkamp's appearance was not an endorsement.


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Giuliani has too many skeletons in his closet that the Dems will be more than happy to expose this fall (this on top of all his extramerital affairs, shady business dealings like the company he formerd post 9-11 representing a former convicted cocaine trafficker to land govt contracts). This on top of the fact that he is anything but a tax cutter (though he poses to be one).

John McCain appears to be the only GOP candidate who will do what he says, and say what he does. The fact that the Washington establishment does not like McCain means he is a threat to the same old song and dance. That's what America needs after 8 yrs. of Bush and 8 yrs. of Clinton -- both of whom were bumbling do-nothings. John McCain for all his warts will tell us what we NEED as opposed to just giving us what we WANT. That means we may finally get real Social Security reform, an end to wasteful pork-barrell spending, and tax-cuts with dollar-for-dollar spending cuts (the spending mess the current crop of GOPers led by Bush is atrocious). So please voters, wake up and recognize we need someone to give us all a dose of distasteful medicine. Sorry for all the Giuliani and Romney supporters, but they just don't have the spine or convictions to do it. And Ron Paul, for all his great ideas has 20 ridiculous ones for every good one.

Give America's next generation a hope for a brighter future. Vote McCain!!!

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