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McCain as Eliza Doolittle

John McCain, who's been known to butcher the names of his Cuban-American supporters in Miami-Dade, practiced last night in his hotel suite with Republican lobbyist Ana Navarro.

In an homage to Rex Harrison's role as a phonetics professor in My Fair Lady, Navarro drilled the Arizona senator: U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is Ileeana Ross-LAY-tinen. U.S Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart is Lincoln DEE-az Bahlart. State Rep. Marcelo Llorente is Marcelo YO-rente.

In the middle of the lesson, McCain's campaign manager Rick Davis delivered the good news: He had won Florida.

Navarro, who's tangled with rival Mitt Romney over his hardline immigration policy, started jumping up and down, exclaiming, "I'm not going to get deported!''

So did McCain nail the pronunciations of those Cuban-American surnames in the end? Watch his victory speech here.


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Wow, Ana must be a blockbuster source for The Herald political reporters to get so much space so often.

A great policy, communications or campaign strategist never seeks to be the story but rather elevates their candidate.

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