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David Rivera, lumberjack

Naked Politics is on the road again in New Hampshire -- but the blog is not the only South Floridian in town. Huckabee backers House Speaker Marco Rubio and Rep. David Rivera spent the day in the Granite State, calling voters and in Rivera's case, receiving a chiding from a police officer.


"I came all the way from Florida to give you this orange," Rivera said, plunging into traffic at a Concord intersection near Huckabee's campaign headquarters. "I'm hoping you'll remember on Tuesday to vote for Gov. Huckabee."

The Concord police officer who cruised by was not amused and admonished Rivera to stick to the sidewalk, where a crush of Huckabee supporters waved signs.

The pair dressed warmly for the assignment, Rubio, in a preppy dark sweater looked a lot like Mitt Romney and Rivera wore a green flannel plaid shirt. Really.

"Marco says I look like a lumberjack," said Rivera, downing a bowl of lobster chowder.

It's not the first snow campaign for the Miami Republicans - they were here in 1996 on behalf of Bob Dole and again in 2000 for George W. Bush - Rivera said that's when the shirt gets a workout.

Huckabee is giving Mitt Romney a run for his money. He bested him in Iowa last week and is here hoping that a decent showing in New Hampshire will propel him into more conservative South Carolina and then into Florida on Jan. 29. A topsy turvy GOP race - Huckabee takes Iowa, John McCain takes New Hampshire? - could mean Florida gains new relevancy in presidential politics.

Pictures and more in Monday's Herald.