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Naked Politics lands in Des Moines

Des Moines, Ia. -- Naked Politics has arrived in the frozen hinterlands of Iowa, where it's -12 degrees with about five inches of snow on the ground, so readers can get an inside look at the Jan. 3 caucuses...without having to risk frostbite.

Two days before the Iowa Caucuses, it's a three-way tie on the Democratic side, and Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee are battling for first place among the Republicans.

Candidates know the results will depend on who can persuade the most Iowans to brave the cold on caucus night, so their campaigns are offering voters free food, snow shovels, babysitters and carpools just to get them to show up.

They're also stuffing Iowa mailboxes with campaign fliers and inundating voters with campaign calls looking for last-minute converts. And it's impossible to watch more than 15 minutes of television in Des Moines without seeing at least a couple of campaign advertisements. (Think Hillary Clinton and Huckabee in just one commercial break...)

Meanwhile, candidates have been criss-crossing cornfields so fast these last few days that taking in all of them would be like taking every Florida campaign stop over the last year and squeezing them all into one week.

Wednesday Naked Politics takes to the road to see some of the candidates make their final pleas to voters in this cold, cold Midwestern state...