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Romney with narrow lead in Mason Dixon poll

Another day, another poll and this one by Mason Dixon Research shows Romney with a narrow lead and Clinton holding her own. The poll of 400 likely Democratic primary voters was conducted Jan. 21-23 and the poll of 400 likely Republican voters was conducted Jan. 22-23.

Among Republicans, Romney holds a 30%-26% lead over McCain, with Rudy Giuliani fading to third place at 18%, Mike Huckabee getting 13%, Ron Paul 3% and 10% remain undecided.

GOP PRIMARY VOTE: Romney 30%; McCain 26%; Giuliani 18%' Hucakbee 13%; Paul 3%; Undecided 10%.

Among likely Democratic primary voters, 47% back Clinton, while 25% are for Obama, 16% favor Edwards, 2% support Dennis Kucinich and 105 remain undecided. With none of the Democratic candidates actively campaigning in Florida, there has been no relative shift in voter preference over the past six months.

DEM PRIMARY VOTE: Clinton 47%; Obama 25%; Edwards 16%; Kucinich 2%; Others - 11%; Undecided 10%.