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The Humane Society jumps into the slots debate - with $500,000 to buy anti-slots ads

The Humane Society of the United States is making a $500,000 contribution to an anti-slots group, Truth for Our Community, to help oppose Miami-Dade's slot machine referendum.

Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the national organization, said Monday that the organization decided to help fight the referendum. It opposes the addition of slot machines to Flagler Dog Track, one of three parimutuels in Miami-Dade that stand to benefit from the Jan. 29 referendum.

"We're not anti-gambling, per se,'' Pacelle said. "We're concerned about this new type of gambling at the greyhound track keeping the dogs running."

He said greyhounds are often confined to small cages for up to 20 hours a day, suffer serious injuries from running and are "discarded" after their use to the racing industry is over.

"We think that the vast majority of people in Miami-Dade care about dogs and this information may tip the balance in the direction of a no vote," he said.

The money will be spent mostly on radio ads in English and Spanish, said. The group has 36,000 members in Miami-Dade, he said.


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Wow. Now there's one of the strangest political alliances I've ever seen. Who would have guessed? A mash-up between Republican evangelicals and PETA.

It keeps life interesting.

Vulcan Alex

With so many animals needing help it seems that 500K could be put to better use!!!!!

irs police

So is the HSUS violating their 501c3 status by making another political contribution?


Why are we even voting for this again. Isn't this like the 6th time we have to vote for slots?? I guess our wonderful county commissoners will be benefiting from legalization as well.

Maria Basualdo

Whatever to save animals! W H A T E V E R !!!
Way to go HSUS!!!!


Any 501(c)(3) organization is permitted to spend some money on lobbying. This is within the limits allowed for The Humane Society of the United States. If this measure passes, we will have greyhound racing indefinitely in Miami Dade. This is the only chance to stop the mistreatment of these dogs. There is no need to make victims of dogs for gambling. Vote NO on Question 3 to help dogs.


Gambling has many negative social impacts, most importantly when people get addicted to it and lose their savings. The humane society is right to get involved if there's an additional harm going to be caused to animals by this proposal. God knows they suffer enough and greyhound racing is really kind of a stupid industry anyway. It's not like Florida's economy of the future is going to be propped by some dogs running around a track and people pulling slot machine levers at the same location.

Carey Theil

Dog racing is cruel and inhumane, and should not be rewarded with casino gambling.

At Flagler Dog Track, hundreds of dogs endure lives of nearly endless confinement, kept in small cages barely large enough to stand up or turn around for long hours each day. Also, many dogs are injured while racing.

All dog lovers in Miami should vote NO on 3.

For more information on commercial dog racing, go to www.grey2kusa.org.

Upset Citizen

These guys have money to throw around???

carole donovan

The problem isn't gambling.Stop the dog races!!This is the only concern of HSUS. These animals do not always get adopted after they stop making money and are not always humanely euthanized.Stop dog racing permanently!!!


Greyhounds are wonderful loving creatures whose lives shouldn't depend on how fast they run around a track. If slots are allowed, the dogs will keep running around that track even if no one is watching, since the bulk of the gamblers end up playing slots and cards. The greyhounds deserve better. SAVE THE DOGS AND VOTE NO ON 3!


Racing greyhounds are injured every year in Florida. If we hope to end this cruel sport, we must stop slot machines from going into the tracks. The law states for the slots to operate, live racing must take place. People don't realize this. If Flagler gets slot machines, the greyhounds will be forced to run forever. We need to Vote NO on Slots!!


What a shame that the millions collected during Katrina can be spent so easily, while shelters in Louisiana are desperate. Many are forced to have their animals outside in open crates exposed to the element. For $500,000 we could spay and neuter ... etc. etc. but instead the money goes to playing politics.

Yvonne Presley

Funding opposition to animal cruelty is not playing politics in this case. It is wisely spending money to spread the truth about the cruelty of dog racing. It is not only the dogs that race that suffer. Look behind the scenes at the horrible conditions the breeder dogs live in and how the the "surplus" animals are killed. I hope that the HSUS campaign will expose all of this and that local humane organizations will join the fight against this form of animal cruelty.


You are right, Yvonne.

It's sad when people believe that money spent on a good purpose is competing with other good purposes. Where did we get this notion that there is a limited supply of good? Love, which is the source of goodness, is infinite, unlimited. There's enough love (which money unselfishly spent represents) to go around to the Katrina dogs, to the Miami-Dade track dogs, to all living being everywhere who have a legitimate need for our help. Let's expand our concept of money. It's only the love of material money itself (and the material things it buys) that gets us in trouble. That's my two cents, anyway! :-)

By the way, thanks, HSUS. These Florida dogs deserve all of the 50 million pennies you're putting toward saving them from their miserable lives. This is an example of your contributors' money WELL SPENT.

michelle  young  cuenant

In 2008 there is absolutely no excuse to have such a barbaric "sport" such as Greyhound Racing.
This "entertainment" was brought about by gangsters in the 20's and only people who habitually are comfortable with mistreating living beings, continued it...it is, in short, criminal.
Time to get hoods and misfits and addicted fools off of Greyhounds' backs and finally, find loving homes for these beautiful beasts.
Our society should reflect what is dear, and abuse of animals should not be there and at the wheel.
Michelle Young Cuenant

texas owner

well they stole money from people for katrina nad vicks dogs. they took donations fo rthe care of vicks dogs 10 million and never had vicks dogs but suggested the be put down after collecting 10 mill for them.......yeah good use of 500k

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